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Accident Investigation, Prevention & Reporting Training


This program is specially tailored for participants who wish to enhance their understanding on the important key elements, procedures and legislation requirements on Accident Investigation, Reporting and Prevention programme. Accident investigation, reporting and prevention is one of the mandatory requirement under NADOOPOD Regulations 2004. It refers to specific practices and procedures to perform an investigation for each accidents happened in workplace, establish the route cause analysis, corrective actions for reoccurrence prevention and reporting to the management and authority for data compilation and further clarification.


  • Introduction to Incidents and Accidents
  • The scale of the problem
  • Cost of accidents
  • Accident causation and prevention
  • Reporting and Investigation requirements
  • Effective investigation
  • Collection of facts and evidence
  • Reaching conclusions and taking action
  • Recording evidence/electronic reporting
  • Obtaining further help


Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Define the requirement of Investigation & understanding the implementation.
  • Describe the importance of incident / accident investigation.
  • List and categorized the type of accident.
  • Describe principles of investigation,
  • Explain 8 steps in incident investigation,
  • Explain ways to plan and implement corrective action and preventive action.
  • Describe the requirements of NADOOPOD.
  • Evaluate and prioritize Accident Investigation, prevention and reporting in managing safety & health


  • Operation / Production / Purchasing Managers and Executives
  • Management / Human Resources Managers and Executives
  • Engineers and Technicians
  • Safety and Health Officers
  • Safety and Health Committee / Leaders
  • Supervisors or Union Representatives


MGOA – FUTURE Of OSHE Safety Trainings
(Certified by MOSHPA and IOSH)


Start Date – End Date: 12th May 2020
Start Time – End Time: 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM IST
Course Fee:
Training City: Webinar

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