MOSHPA GLOBAL OSHE ACADEMY Pvt. Ltd. Is an organization accredited by MOSHPA (Malaysian Occupational Safety and Health Practitioners Association), that is designed to encourage professional practices around Occupational Safety, Health and Environment in India through custom designed myriad Trainings, Workshops, Conferences and  Global Award Nights that can bring the required awareness among Government/Public sector/Private/Corporate  Organizations contributing towards the overall benefit & development of our country.

MOSHPA was registered under the Malaysian Societies Act 1966, Regulations 1984 on the 31st of May 1997. Since its establishment, various activities and programs related to Safety Health have been carried out benefiting its members, the employers and the employees in our country. MOSHPA is a full member of Asia Pacific Occupational Safety & Health Organization (APOSHO), a body comprising of Safety & Health Organizations from Asia Pacific region.

Our Management Team


Dato’(DR) Kanagaraja Raman

Sreedharan GM
Co-Founder & MD